Terms & Conditions

1. Eligibility

  • The contests are open to entrants who are of age 10 and above


2. Entry Period

  • The registration for the competition starts from 15th May 2020 and ends on 15th June 2020 
  • Once registered there shall not be any refunds made
  • Junkbot reserves right to extend or contract registration timeline without prior notice at will


3. How to Enter

During the period of registration, students can register using our website https://fightcorona.junkbot.co, or by sending an email to info@junkbot.co, or getting in touch with any of our business development representative or partner organization


4. Entry Requirements

Your Entry must meet the following criteria:

  • Participants projects must be their own original work
  • Participants can use only Junkbot core as a microcontroller
  • We encourage participants to build project from trash like cardboards, milk bottles etc, however some relaxation is made to enhance the projects
  • Participants are allowed to use additional sensors if they have but limited to additional 2 sensors only over and above the Junkbot kit
  • Design spend of not more than AED 100 is allowed over and above the kit
  • The judging committee may request additional supporting documents from the applicants (if required)
  • Participants May take help form one mentor who can be their parent or teacher
  • The details of the volunteer must be submitted to the Junkbot
  • Entries that have previously won or been announced as winners in any contest will not be accepted
  • Incomplete or late entries after the deadline will be disqualified. The jury has the right to withhold or cancel any application if it does not comply with the terms and conditions or does not have the required documents or evidence
  • Cannot contain, content that is sexually explicit, violent, derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group, which violates any law of the current situation, or which communicates a message inconsistent with the positive good will to which we wish to associate, such projects will be disqualified with immediate effect
  • Right to use projects: Junkbot will have the rights to use any projects for its promotion and public display if found suitable


5. Submission

  • Submission of project can be done by taking a video of the project and uploading it to the online portal
  • Rules of video submission:
    • Participant must upload the video to YouTube and provide the link to the YouTube video at Junkbot portal
    • Video should contain participants explaining their projects with working project demonstration
    • Participants can explain about the current working model and future application of project if any (this means, participants have to explain application of their working projects and any intended future use)


6. Deadline

  • The deadline for submission of the project is July 31st 2020


7. Winner Selection

All entries will be evaluated by a panel based on Judging criterion below. The decision of Junkbot as applicable, shall be final and legally binding as it pertains to this Contest. The winning entry will be announced on our Instagram and Fight Corona Official Website.


8. Design

  • Participants are encouraged to create own design for the project. This will be taken into account during evaluation.
  • It is not recommended to replicate the project designs from the video tutorial.
  • We recommend to come up with unique projects are project designs for the final submission.


9. Evaluation Criteria

  • Projects related to COVID-19
  • Unique Design
  • Unique Ideas
  • Better use of Junks
  • Social Responsibility


8. Prizes

  • Prize(s) will be as announced in the individual contest description.
  •  Prize claim deadline: 30th August after the delivered notification
  •  Winners will be notified via email and phone within 1 day following the public announcement.
  • If Junkbot do not receive any response to info@junkbot.co within the specified prize claim deadline, we may award the prize to the next highest winner or determine an alternative potential winner.
  • Limit one prize per person, per contest.


9. Conduct

By participating in Junkbot’s contests, each entrant agrees to abide by these General Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor, Junkbot and Judges, which are final and legally binding as they pertain to the contests. Junkbot reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any individual it finds to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Contest or the web site or to be acting in violation of the General Rules. Junkbot reserves the right to lock out an entrant whose eligibility is in question or who has been disqualified or is otherwise ineligible to enter. Junkbot holds the right to keep the project if it is something helpful for the current situation.


10. Modification

Terms and conditions for this event is governed by Junkbot and has the right to modify it without prior notice